While family support plays a critical role in lasting addiction recovery, it’s equally important for patients to focus on treatment during their stay. Every rehab facility has its own policies in scheduling visiting days. During our consultations, we can help you take this into consideration while selecting the best facility for you.

Yes. However, smoking policies vary from facility to facility. If smoking is permissible, it is generally confined to designated areas during breaks and free time. You will not be allowed to leave counseling, group therapy or a scheduled activity to smoke.

While all rehab facilities have their own rules, most do not allow cell phones or other electronic devices during rehab. Personal devices can be distracting, especially early in the treatment process. Fortunately, residential inpatient programs provide communication options so that patients can stay in touch with family and loved ones during treatment.

It is dangerous and even deadly to attempt drug and alcohol detox on your own. Sudden withdrawal can shock the body and put the addict at risk. Many of the facilities we partner with offer medically supervised detox to ensure safety during the earliest stages of rehab.

Yes! No matter your insurance coverage or financial situation, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a happy, productive and drug-free life. Our friendly and experienced counselors will help you explore treatment and financing options that make sense for you.

We can help you arrange transportation to and from the treatment facility of your choosing. From admissions to clinical aide, our team is here to give you the best options available for every step of the treatment process.

We want to make sure that if you or your loved one is ready for treatment, getting to help isn’t standing in the way. In 2016 we paid for 27 flights to and from treatment, and transported 41 people to treatment via ground transportation.

It is important to us that everyone who needs help receives the treatment they need. In 2016 we were able to afford 5 scholarships for inpatient treatment and 11 scholarships for aftercare treatment.

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